Nate Smith Matches World Record on WhisperFin—Twice

Jun 15, 2019Nate Smith, seen here rounding ball three at 43 off, unofficially matched his world record his first ride on a WhisperFin. Then after a couple of days back on the stock fin, he returned to the WhisperFin and ran another 36 mph 3@43. Though not tournament scores, both were at the Isles of Lake Hancock, an RC course with numerous world record approvals. The boat is a tournament approved Nautique, and it was driven by one of the nation’s top-ranked drivers. These scores are as legitimate as any unofficial scores can be. And while Nate is deeply loyal to D3, and is unlikely to change the gear that made his current world record possible, the fact remains, he has now run two credible 3@43 off (9.75) passes at 36 mph on a stock WhisperFin.

Elizabeth Montavon on Instagram

Jun 14, 2019Elizabeth Montavon posted on Instagram describing her impressions from her first day riding the WhisperFin. She speaks from the perspective of a 35 – 38 off skier looking for performance gains from her equipment. Her comments speak for themselves. Elizabeth and I had never spoken nor met before.

Laser-precise Manufacturing

WhisperFin precision manufacturing

April 20, 2019The level of accuracy going into these fins is overkill, no doubt. But I have no interest in how cheaply a pile of blades can be stamped out in China. Is half-thou accuracy going to make you a better skier? Maybe not. But when you bolt a WhisperFin to your ski, you know you are getting exactly what the pros get. You are getting the best made water ski fin in the world.

Junior Skiers Excelling on WhisperFin

May 11, 2019 The WhisperFin may have been designed for advanced tournament performance, but it’s junior skiers making the greatest gains. Two such juniors are 12 year old Megan Spelkey, who went from running mid 28s to 1@35 in under a week, and 14 year old Sophie Hunter, who improved by nearly two full passes to run back-to-back 22’s in just her second set with the fin. Stories like these are pouring in. And examples of this progress-boost extends right through to beginners of all ages.

Bruce Dodd's Record Approved

Bruce Dodd's WhisperFin

Jan 27, 2018 — Bruce Dodd’s Canadian National Men’s 6 record has been approved. Bruce set the record at McCormick’s October RC tournament by running 1 @ 10.25/55 with a prototype WhisperFin. He was supposed to be keeping his WhisperFin under wraps at the time, but all that cloak and dagger stuff went right out the window the instant the record fell. Congratulations Bruce!

Pan Am Champs

Neilly and Drew Ross WhisperFin

Nov 18, 2018 Congratulations to Drew Ross and Bruce Dodd for their class wins, to Neilly Ross for her 2nd, and to Mike Collombin for his 3rd place finish at the 2018 Pan Am Water Ski Championships. Four fins went to the games, and all four made the podium. Drew and Neilly had never heard of a WhisperFin until three days before leaving for Chile. Even if the choice was obvious, that was a bold move!

Mike Collumbin's WhisperFin

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