WhisperFins hardening fabrication

Mar 20, 20191st WhisperFin Deliveries Getting Closer

Fin fabrication is still progressing at full speed, but the machine shop underestimated how much time each fin would take. The first batch has been milled, hardened (shown in this picture), and is now in for ceramic coating. This leaves laser etching next week, shipping to Florida, then customer deliveries. It’s been fun puting the few fins I have on people’s skis and watching their smiles turn into more preorders. The first batch is nearly sold out, so a second batch is well under way.

milling WhisperFins from billet

Feb 22, 2019Precision Manufacturing

Fin production is progressing quickly now. This interesting picture shows WhisperFins being precision-milled out of billet aluminium bars. They’re not stamped out of rolled aluminium sheets where thicknesses can vary up to .006″. Milling billet not only produces the most consistent product possible, it also maximizes the fins’ strength and durability. There are a lot of variables in play when skiers share setups, WhisperFin thickness and stiffness will not be among them.

Laser etched WhisperFin

Feb 15, 2019Presenting WhisperFin # 0001

Up until now, every WhisperFin in existence has been hand made by yours truly. This is a photo of the first fully manufactured fin to pass our long list of quality controls. Full production will start on Monday. It will take approximately two weeks for the first run to be complete, followed by shipping to Florida for packaging and at long last, distribution.

Bruce Dodd's WhisperFin

Jan 27, 2018 Bruce Dodd’s Record Approved

Bruce Dodd’s Canadian National Men’s 6 record has been approved. Bruce set the record at McCormick’s October RC tournament by running 1 @ 10.25/55 with a prototype WhisperFin. He was supposed to be keeping his WhisperFin under wraps at the time, but all that cloak and dagger stuff went right out the window the instant the record fell. Congratulations Bruce!

Neilly and Drew Ross WhisperFin

Nov 18, 2018 Pan Am Champs

Congratulations to Drew Ross and Bruce Dodd for their class wins, to Neilly Ross for her 2nd, and to Mike Collombin for his 3rd place finish at the 2018 Pan Am Water Ski Championships. Four fins went to the games, and all four made the podium. Drew and Neilly had never heard of a WhisperFin until three days before leaving for Chile. Even if the choice was obvious, that was a bold move!

Mike Collumbin's WhisperFin

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