While the choice between the original and PRO versions of the WhisperFin can be generalized using line length as shown above, your choice should be driven mostly by your personal skiing technique in the following categories.

Turn Initiation

Original: Easy
PRO: Easy


Original: Excellent
PRO: Excellent

Tip-Rise Out of Turns

Original: Excellent
PRO: Excellent

Deceleration Approaching Buoys

Original: Good
PRO: Excellent

Tail Support at Extreme Lean Angles

Original: Good
PRO: Excellent

Maximum Passes Run by Pros

Original: Into 43 Off (9.75 m)
PRO: Into 43 Off (9.75 m)

Best Suited Style of Skiing

Original: Smooth balanced inputs
PRO: High power inputs & scrambling

Best Suited Level of Skier

Original: Novice through mid-shortline
PRO: Novice through extreme shortline

Effect on Developing Skiers

Original: Promotes skiing with good balance & refined inputs
PRO: Supports high-energy scrambling and aggressive inputs

Other Helpful Considerations:

  • Both fins benefit novice through expert skiers by making the ski easier to turn and accelerate.
  • Regardless of line length or skill level, if you tend to approach the turn tip-high then rotate a lot of tip into the water to turn (think windshield wiper), the PRO version is far more forgiving of this technique.
  • If you tend to blow the tail out of the water or to get a lot of tail slides when scrambling, go PRO.
  • If you turn better on one side than the other, putting a slight bend on one or more of the chevrons at the back can make a big difference to the symmetry of your skiing (a one-time modification for good skiers only).
  • If your skiing inputs are smooth, progressive and controlled, the original WhisperFin can take you all the way. If your inputs tend to be choppy or aggressive, the PRO will be better.

In short – the PRO can do everything the Original WhisperFin can do. But NO fin can match the PRO’s ability to scramble.

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